Whether you need a few hours each week or regular hours every month, our packages were designed to work with any schedule and budget. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

  • Prep Areas 1&2

  • $15 / hr

  • Each area includes access to:
  • Double compartment vegetable and fruit scrubbing sink with pressurized washing wand
  • Eight-foot stainless steel prep table
  • Cutting mats, spatulas and spoons
  • Robo Coup and Vita Mix
  • Bake Area 1

  • $18 / hr

  • This area includes access to:
  • OMCAN tri-speed 10 quart mixer
  • Five-tray commercial gas oven
  • Eight-foot stainless steel prep tables
  • Cooling tables and racks
  • Spatulas and various utensils
  • Baking bowls
  • Cook Areas 1&2

  • $20 / hr

  • Each area includes access to:
  • Four-burner gas stove top with two-tray interior gas oven
  • OR
  • Six-burner standalone cooktop with high volume five-tray double door gas convection oven
  • All cooking utensils
  • Commercial cheese and meat slicer


Dry Storage

Starting at $15/month

Cold Storage

Starting at $25/month

Freezer Storage

Starting at $60/month

Storage Rack in Warehouse

Starting at $40/month

cleanup fine – If not left in good order

$50 fee + $25/hr for management to clean

No-Show Fee



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